Got a big dome, eh?

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tyler seguin for mike stud’s closer album promo (x)

Get his album. It is amazing!!!!

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[3/?] Gabriel Landeskog

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Johnny Boychuk (✿ ♥‿♥)

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tuukka rask on youtube

requested by: anon

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Tuukka taking his frustrations out on his water bottle


Tuukka taking his frustrations out on his water bottle

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I think we can figure out who was better at math

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2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs: Red Wings vs Bruins


Milan Lucic in the Dropkick Murphys “Going Out In Style" video

aka Lucic running after children (like the monster he is)

Thorty is too!!

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spoof of d0nt-p0ke-the-bear's shirsey explanations

Miller, Thornton, McQuaid and Lucic: u just dont give a fuck it's your way or someone dies
Krejci and Bergy: you're a good soul and probably do after school activities
Marchy: a screw may be loose/you may have been in jail/psych ward
Krug, Hamilton and Smith: PBruins/TX Stars (for Reilly) fans or ages 19-30 who like the lil babies
Soderberg: you like the way Andy Brickley says his name
Eriksson: u partied the day u found out Seguin was traded and the shirt was a celebratory gift to urself (me)
Kelly: quiet person that loves to write and read John Steinbeck and is polite most of the time but puts syrup in someone else's shampoo bottle
Paille: ur just excited to be here
Campbell: hipster or confused Panthers fan
Boychuk: you're a nice person like the Krejci/Bergy crowd but can fuck ppl up
Chara: the person in the moshpit EVERYONE wants to avoid
Seidenberg: someone who likes to drink their coffee black
Rask: ppl who would do well in a moshpit
Caron: nobody thinks ur useful even if u won the nobel prize and u just want everybody to realise u can do thing
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David Krejci
Position: CenterTeam: Boston BruinsNumber: 46Height: 6’0”Weight: 188 lbsShoots: RightBorn: April 28th, 1986 in Sternberk, Czech Republic
Career Statistics - Regular Season
Games Played: 504Goals: 110                                     Goals/Game: 0.218Assists: 268                                Assists/Game: 0.532Points: 378                                   Points/Game: 0.750
Career Statistics - Playoffs
Games Played: 93Goals: 29                                     Goals/Game: 0.312Assists: 48                                Assists/Game: 0.516Points: 77                                   Points/Game: 0.828


David Krejci

Position: Center
Boston Bruins
Number: 46
Height: 6’0”
Weight: 188 lbs
Shoots: Right
Born: April 28th, 1986 in Sternberk, Czech Republic

Career Statistics - Regular Season

Games Played: 504
110                                     Goals/Game: 0.218
268                                Assists/Game: 0.532
378                                   Points/Game: 0.750

Career Statistics - Playoffs

Games Played: 93
29                                     Goals/Game: 0.312
48                                Assists/Game: 0.516
77                                   Points/Game: 0.828

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leon draisaitl doesn’t look his age he either looks like a rugged 24 year old lumberjack or a cute 14 year old boy depending on the picture 

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I found that some NHL players have some Disney (and a 20th Century Fox) lookalikes. 

Gabe Landeskog as Phoebus

Steven Stamkos as John Smith

Cory Schneider as Hercules

Johnny Boychuk as Eric

Roberto Luongo as Gaston 

Henrik Lundqvist as Dimitri 

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